Playing in Los Angeles, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, is one of the most exciting things to do in California. Tours of the stadium are available and give you a closer look at the history of the Dodger franchise. All proceeds from the stadium are used to help fund the stadium’s improvements and to help pay for tickets.


The iconic theme park that has Adults and Children all over. You can try on virtual reality rides, visit Disneyland or ride through Space Mountain. This is the ultimate place to meet all kinds of characters, watch Hollywood classics hit the big screen and take part in dramatic adventures.

Great Hollywood Restaurants

Many major Hollywood scenes have been filmed right on the restaurant scene. Arguably the most famous of Hollywood’s restaurants is the Oscaroleum in Burbank. This fine dining establishment has been around since 1930 and is one of the few surviving great movieouses from the golden age of film.

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