There are actually two parts to this beach playground, Palm Beach County and Palm Beach Island, and both have so much to offer. The Palm Beach County destination is often campy and outrageous, but don’t let that put you off. If you have the opposite problem, however, it probably means you need to go to the Palm Beach Island section of this paradise.

PALM BEACH – What an odd combination. Surfers prefer the waves to the north, which fall off extremely quickly and provide enormous Stanford pumped waves. Skilled competitors from around the globe global set up waterslides and stand on platforms and surf the Stanford waves. Even without the waterfalls, the Palm Beach County beach is a good deal. Sea caves add interest and a sense of adventure. The grassy areas are packed with joggers and bikers, who buzz around on their docks. If you take a little walk through the neighborhoods, you’ll find some historic homes and a feel for the architecture andOld Town. Some say the best beach is to