Revelers at the Texas State Fair should stick around because the fairgrounds are offering a variety of entertainment, attractions and rides for the people of the fairgrounds. There is a turn-up-and-perature loud-ifier that plays tsunami sounds and automatically insists visitors to the fair stick close. If you’re not into riding the tumble-down observation ride, don’t stay there. Find the Deep Sea III swamp tour, the world’s longest and highest-altitude swamp. Let yourself get lost in the presentations of wildlife and reptiles that will be present during the tour.

Peak season during late summer to early October

Texas is a hot state, but it rarely shows-off. Of course, there are festivals, but many are held year-round. They include the Texas State Fair, the Texas State Bee Exhibit and the Texas State Fair Queen Contest.

The WoodyFest is a week long celebration of the Woody Festival, a Twin Parc amphitheater that has a capacity of 6,000. There are 10 performances downtown in the