USA Feeds is a regular traveler for more than a few years. We fell in love with Los Angeles, California more than 10 years ago when we first moved to the area. Since then we’ve owned two homes in Los Angeles, struck out on our own, and traveled frequently for business and pleasure (and a little weddings). In the process, we’ve discovered several off-the-beaten-path dining, shopping and cultural opportunities in beautiful Los Angeles. Our 3 favorite tips for finding the best bargains and seeing the attractions that make this city great, come from experience:

* Know what you want. We generally know what we want most of the time, but the glimpses we get glimpses of that desire often make us realize that it’s well worth pursuing a purchase.

* When in the right location, your price will be more attractive than if you sought out an overpriced, bad location, such as at the airport or in a shopping mall.

* Read more. You should also consider reading every other person’s